We are bloodlines oriented yet none of our members within our group have reached the Queen/King/Alpha status that requires them to have 400 souls.


We will use titles that show the role the person has within our group though not having achieved that status in bloodlines soul rankings yet.


Royalty Titles:

Queen / King / Alpha:  Highest Possible Authority within our horde other than being the owner.  At present within our horde no one has 400 Souls, The present requirement for this is 20 souls


Princess / Prince:  Closely support the Queen, King and Alpha’s.  (350 Souls in Bloodlines)  the Scarlet Kiss horde is 15 Souls


Duchess / Duke:  not a term in bloodlines.  Requirment in our Clan is 10 Souls.


Countess / Count:  (250 souls in Bloodlines) Requirment is 5


Lady / Sir:  a respectful title to use for all members


Mistress / Master:  a term used in private role play of a D/s or BDSM nature

We Are The Scarlet Kiss Horde